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We have a mission statement, "To develop community-engaged teaching practices that see campus and communities as co-learners of AI as a skill and co-teachers of what AI can be."

All PHAI folk are encouraged to put into their own words what that mission statement means to them, then to let that "restatement" (along with some help from others in the lab) guide them on their projects: to ask and answer new questions, to pioneer new applications or methods, or to oversee and maintain public initiatives.

We believe that this is the best way to make sure that the PHAI Lab continues to make meaningful changes in PHAI folks' and their communities' lives.


How do people use Kaggle? We need help 🙋! We are seeking a lab member to study the information seeking behavior of users of Kaggle's Kernels social network. Kaggle meets the definition of a "view source community" where users can share and comment on their work, learning and developing new ideas together. Kaggle's technology stack also has a lower barrier to entry compared to other AI options. A thicker description of users' behavior and quantitative social network analysis could help a teacher make full (and informed) use of Kaggle Kernels in the classroom.


Have an idea for something code-y or method-y? Introduce yourself at one of our regular meetings and tell us all about it!


"The Gemini Circuit" We need help 🙋! We are seeking a lab member to oversee a public reading series on AI. The literary history of AI is closely related to the literary traditions of Frankenstein and Pinocchio. At meetings for this series, you would invite a speaker to read from a literary work in this area, then lead/facilitate a discussion on what this work or passage says about AI, our relationship with futures and technologies, and being human. We would then close each meeting with a preview of the next reading to be featured on the "circuit," and occasionally invite a generative artist whose work incorporates or collaborates with an AI-as-an-author.